Tournament winners

1945/46Jack Hawson (1)
1946/47Jack Hawson (2)
1947/48Jack Hawson (3)
1948/49Jack Hawson (4)
1949/50Jonathan Mason (1)
1950/51Jack Hawson (5)
1951/52Jack Hawson (6)
1952/53D P Ayres (1)
1953/54Roy Wagstaff (1)
1954/55Roy Wagstaff (2)
1955/56John Wagstaff (1)
1956/57Jonathan Mason (2)
1957/58Roy Wagstaff (3)
1958/59Roy Wagstaff (4)
1959/60Len Halliday (1)
1960/61Roy Wagstaff (5)
1961/62Len Halliday (2)
1962/63Roy Wagstaff (6)
1963/64Len Halliday (3)
1964/65Richard O’Brien (1)
1965/66David Wood (1)
1966/67David Wood (2)
1967/68Ian Hunnable (1)
1968/69Roy Wagstaff (7)
1969/70Brian Smith (1)
1970/71Alan Marshall (1)
1971/72Lawrence Prescott (1)
1972/73Alan Marshall (2)
1973/74Alan Marshall (3)
1974/75Alan Marshall (4)
1975/76Philip Gasper (1)
1976/77Roy Wagstaff (8)
1977/78Ian Hunnable (2)
1978/79Alan J Potter (1)
1979/80Simon Lee (1)
1980/81Eddie Lee (1)
1981/82Steve Lowe (1)
1982/83Alan Marshall (5)
1983/84Gerry Hayes (1)
1984/85Eddie Lee (2)
1985/86John Duggan (1)
1986/87Tony Tredinnick (1)Andrew Keehner (1)
1987/88David Smith (1)Eddie Lee (1)
1988/89Paul Barclay (1)Larry Marden (1)
1989/90Mike Bird (1)Larry Marden (2)
1990/91Andrew Keehner (1)Gerry Hayes (1)
1991/92Karl Mah (1)Gerry Hayes (2)
1992/93Gerry Hayes (2)Gerry Hayes (3)
1993/94Karl Mah (2)Ian Hunnable (1)
1994/95Karl Mah (3)Gerry Hayes (4) and John Nellist (1)Gerry Hayes (1)
1995/96Karl Mah (4)Terry Whitton (1)Gerry Hayes (2)
1996/97Karl Mah (5)Karl Mah (1)Karl Mah (1)
1997/98Terry Whitton (1)Steve Foster (1)Terry Whitton (1)
1998/99Terry Whitton (2)Karl Mah (2)Larry Marden (1)
1999/2000Julian Winkworth (1)Gerry Hayes (5)Paul Barclay (1)
2000/01Julian Winkworth (2)Larry Marden (3)Steve Gilmour (1)
2001/02Steve Gilmour (1)Julian Winkworth (1)David Sherman (1)
2002/03John Philpott (1)Paul Barclay (1)Terry Whitton (2)
2003/04Steve Gilmour (2)Julian Winkworth (2)Terry Whitton (3)
2004/05Steve Gilmour (3)Terry Whitton (2)Larry Marden (2)
2005/06Ian Hunnable (3)Terry Whitton (3)Larry Marden (3)
2006/07Ian Hunnable (4)Terry Whitton (4)Rob Hamilton (1)
2007/08Ian Hunnable (5)Larry Marden (4)Larry Marden (4)
2008/09David Spearman (1)John Duggan (1)Larry Marden (4)
2009/10Ian Hunnable (6) and Larry Marden (1)Gerry Hayes (6)David Spearman (1)Ian Hunnable (1)
2010/11Ian Hunnable (7) and Terry Whitton (3)David Spearman (1)David Spearman (2)Larry Marden (1)
2011/12Ian Hunnable (8)Charlton Siddo (1)David Spearman (3)David Spearman (1)
2012/13Ian Hunnable (9)Ian Hunnable (2)David Spearman (4)Maksim Cheslavskiy (1)
2013/14Ian Hunnable (10)David Spearman (2)David Spearman (5)David Spearman (2)
2014/15Steve Rix (1)Paul Barclay (2)David Spearman (6)David Spearman (3)
2015/16Steve Rix (2) and David Spearman (2)Paul Bancroft (1)Terry Whitton (4)Steve Rix (1)
2016/17David Spearman (3)David Spearman (3)Steve Rix (1)John Hodgson (1)
2017/18Partha Mulay (1)Mark Murrell (1)John Hodgson (1)Ian Hunnable (2)
2018/19Manuel Perez (1) and Kyan Bui (1)David Sands (1)John Hodgson (2)David Sands (1)
2019/20David Spearman (4)David Spearman (4)Kyan Bui (1)Not held
2020/21John Cawdery (1)Terry Whitton (5)Terry Whitton (5)Terry Whitton (1)

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