2000/1 summary

London League – The Club had a good season both in Division 2, where there was a chance of promotion until the final match was narrowly lost against Woodbridge, and in Division 4 where a third place finish was achieved.

Essex League – The first team had a slightly disappointing season in Division 1, losing three of its matches.  The best performance was that of the second team in Division 2, which finished runners up to a Grays team that achieved a 100% match point score.

North Circular League – The team in Division C scored 50%.

National Club – The team entered in the Major (U175) section fell just short of taking the title after a board count loss to Aylesbury in the final.

Club Championship – Julian Winkworth retained his title

Lightning championship – this was won by Larry Marden with 6/7. Terry Whitton scored 5½, Paul Barclay 5, Graham Brown and Thomas Winkworth 4½.

The Blitz championship took place on 15 May and ended in a three way tie on 5/6 between Steve Gilmour, Larry Marden and Julian Winkworth.  For Ian Hunnable’s report on the play-off which was convincingly won by Steve Gilmour, follow this link.

Roy Wagstaff Memorial Match.  The eighth match in this annual series against the Insurance Chess Club was played at Wanstead House and finished in a 5-5 tie.

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