National Club fixtures and results

WWCC National Club Major Champions 2017

The Club entered two teams, Major and Minor, in the National Club Championships, St Johns Hotel, Solihull, 1-2 April 2017.

The Major team had the good fortune to win the Major Trophy, beating Greater London in the Final 2½-1½. This victory is dedicated to the memory of John Philpott, the last skipper to win this trophy, in 2009 and 2010. With the inclusion of Larry Marden and Terry Whitton, who played on the Saturday in this latest success, the same players were all involved, together with skipper Mark Murrell and upcoming Junior, Kyan Bui.

The Minor team finished 8th of 11, with 3 MP in the best supported section.

Clubs entered

Major – Penyffordd, Greater London, Wanstead & Woodford, Solihull
Intermediate – Braille, Newcastle-under-Lyme, DHSS, Sutton Coldfield, Solihull, Warley Quinborne
Minor – Forest of Dean, Leamington, DHSS, Downend & Fishponds, Olton, Greater London, Wanstead & Woodford, Redditch, Coventry Chess Academy, Solihull


Read Mark Murrell’s detailed report (follow link below) with its poignant reference to John Philpott’s memorable and successful years as team captain in this competition.

National Club Website | Club statistics 2016-17 | Mark Murrell’s ReportGames | Gallery


Date Round Opponents F A
01 Apr 1 Penyffordd 3 1
01 Apr 2 Greater London 2 2
02 Apr 3 Solihull 1 1 3
02 Apr 4 (Final) Greater London


Date Round Opponents F A
01 Apr 1 *Downend & Fishponds/Leamington 3 1
01 Apr 2 *Leamington/Downend & Fishponds 2 2
02 Apr 3 Solihull 3 2 2
02 Apr 4 Forest of Dean

* Played in a cross-pairing format: R1 – Boards 1 and 3 v Downend & Fishponds (1-1), Boards 2 and 4 v Leamington (2-0); R2 – Boards 1 and 3 v Leamington (1½-½), Boards 2 and 4 v Downend & Fishponds (½-1½). Match points were awarded for the composite matches against these two teams, i.e. W&W 1½-2½ D&F = 0, W&W 3½-½ Leamington = 2.

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