The Club has an extensive library of chess books which members are able to borrow.


Paul Barclay is the club’s librarian. 

A member can borrow up to 4 books for a period of 4 weeks.  When returned there will be a 2 week delay before the member can borrow  those particular books again.

Paul writes “It would be appreciated if you could return the books directly to me (unless under exceptional circumstances this proves to be impossible).  If any are mislaid, the onus will be on the individual to find a replacement in comparable condition.  I will use a degree of discretion.

You can contact me through the links on our website or directly on e-mail:

There is also a catalogue at the club which lists the entire stock of books, and one the notice board you can write down the references of the ones required and I will bring these as requested the following Tuesday.


Club Librarian.”


Click on the following links to access the relevant section of the catalogue.

Openings (Specific)

Black Openings/Defence

Opening Books (General)




Attack and combinations

Positional play and strategy

Tactics and puzzles

Famous players

Grandmaster Chess

Chess Masters

Tournament chess

Russian Chess


Cambridge University Chess Club

Books currently on loan

Click here for a list of books currently on loan to members.

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