2015/16 summary

The following events will take place in addition to League and National Club matches and the Club Championship and Ladder.

Opening night

Although the Club now operates all the year round, there is an official opening night for the new season  in early September, when a simultaneous display is given by the main trophy winners for the previous season.

Opening night for 2015/16 was Tuesday 1 September 2015, when there was a tandem simultaneous display given by Steve Rix and Paul Barclay.

Committee meetings

The Committee normally meets twice a year, in September and May.  The meetings for 2015/16 took place on Tuesday 8 September 2015 and Tuesday 3 May 2016.

Lightning Championship

This is a 7 round “buzzer” event, with 10 seconds for each move, held on the second or third club night of the year.  The winner holds the Lightning Championship trophy for a year.  Entry is £1 “on the night” with all entry fees being returned as cash prizes.  All points scored in the Lightning Championship count towards the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield.

The 2015/16 event took place on Tuesday 6 October 2015 and was won by Paul Bancroft.

Blitz Championship

This is a one-evening event held early in the New Year in the same format as the Lightning Championship (see above) except that it is played with clocks at the rate of all moves in 10 minutes on each clock per game.

The winner holds the “John Wagstaff Trophy” for one year.  Entry is £1 “on the night”, with all entry fees being returned as cash prizes.

All points scored in the Blitz Championship count towards the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield.

The 2015/16 event took place on Tuesday 5 January 2016, and was won by Terry Whitton.

Rapidplay championship

This is a one-day event, inaugurated in 2009, played at the rate of 30 minutes per player per game or an incremental rate of 20 mins per player per game plus 10 seconds a move added from the start (“Fischer” timing), on a Saturday during the regular League season.  The entry fee is £4 including the Board Fee.

The 2015/16 event took place on Saturday 19 March 2015 and was won by Steve Rix.

Annual General Meeting

This took place on Tuesday 14 June 2016.

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