2002/3 summary

London League – Teams played in Divisions 2 and 4. The Division 2 team finished in mid-table after 5-5 ties in no fewer than 6 of its 10 matches, while the Division 4 team narrowly missed out on promotion.

Essex League – Five teams were entered, one in Division 1, two in Division 2 and two in Division 3. The runners up position was achieved in all 3 divisions.

North Circular League – The Club again entered a team in Division C of the North Circular League. This looked favourite for the title, but lost its two final matches, both against Powdermill, who were thereby enabled to overtake it.

National Club – The Club entered one team in the Major which has reached the final only to lose to Basingstoke Juniors on 29 June and two in the Handicap Rapidplay (played as a Swiss event in Kettering on 27 April) which finished third and fourth.

The Capes Trophy – Two teams were entered in this traditional pre-season event.

Lightning championship – this took 24 September and was won by Paul Barclay with 6/7. 2nd was Julian Winkworth with 5½ and 3rd – Terry Whitton and Laurie Burtt with 5.

Club championship – Rounds took place on 29 October, 19 November, 10 December, 14 January, 13 February, 4 March and 27 March. Your webmaster completed his games to lead with 5½/7, but had to wait a week for Mark Murrell to lose his adjourned game against Laurie Burtt before he could be confirmed as champion.

Blitz championship – this was held on 7 January 2003 and was won by Terry Whitton.

Roy Wagstaff Memorial Match. This traditional annual fixture with the Insurance Chess Club took place at Wanstead House on Saturday 16 November 2002 and was won by 4½-3½.

Essex knock-out. Two teams were entered in the Summer 2003 competition. In the quarter finals the A team beat Roding & Loughton away by a convincing 8½ – 3½ while the B team lost at home to Upminster by an even more convincing 2½ – 9½.. In the semi-final the A team went down by 8 – 4 away to a strong Ilford team. The B team found themselves in the Plate competition and qualified for the final against Chelmsford by beating Roding & Loughton 7 – 5, but despite home advantage went down by 7 – 5.

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