Essex League 2002/3


Date Opponents Venue      
24/10/02 Basildon Away 5 5
4/11/02 Ilford 1 Away
3/12/02 Southend-on-Sea 1 Home 7 3
6/12/02 Maldon Away
4/2/03 Barking 1 Home
19/2/03 Writtle Away
11/3/03 Shell Away 9 1
1/4/03 Upminster 1 Home 8 2
15/4/03 Powdermill Home

Ian Hunnable, – Nick Gough, [B38]

Writtle v W & W 1 19.02.2003 (notes by Ian Hunnable)

1.Nf3 Nf6 2.d4 c5 This move is apparently in vogue at the moment. 3.c4 g6 [3…cxd4 4.Nxd4 e5 5.Nc2 d5 6.cxd5 Qxd5 7.Qxd5 Nxd5 8.e4 Nf6 9.Nc3 Nc6 and ½-½ 62 moves(!), Hunnable-Gilmour W&W Club Championship R5 2003.] 4.Nc3 Bg7 5.e4 cxd4 6.Nxd4 d6 And thus we reach the Maroczy Bind position, which is what transpired when I played Nick with White three years ago (also 1-0). 7.h3 The more usual formation is with f3, but I like to play this position with an eventual f4. In the meantime, White must take steps to safeguard his bishop when it comes to e3, eg 7 Be2 O-O 8 O-O Nc6 9 Be3 a6 10 Rc1 11 Ng4! (Hunnable-Quinn London League 1973). 7…Nc6 8.Be3 0-0 9.Be2 Bd7 10.0-0 Rc8 11.f4 Qb6 12.Qd3 …with a nasty discovery threat. Black finds that he gets nowhere with 12…Qxb2 13 Rab1 etc. 12…Qc7 13.Rac1 a6 14.b3 I concluded that 14 Nd5 Qd8 was not yet justified. 14…Qb8 Backing out of trouble on the c-file and intending …b5. In the meantime, White has now to think about converting the bind position into an attack. Black has avoided up to now exchanging the knight on d4 which would make White’s task easier. If I play 15 Nxc6 Bxc6 simply aids Black who normally has to take two moves (…Nxd4, Bxd4 Bc6) to achieve that sequence. So I now settled upon a Q-side advance intending a3, b4 and possibly b5. 15.a3 Nxd4 A necessary prelude to …b5. With the removal of the Nd4 the White queen and remaining knight are covering both e4 and b5 making …b5 playable. 16.Bxd4 If now Black tries 16…e5?! simply 17 Be3 and Black’s d-pawn remains a liability. 16…b5 This is the situation I have been waiting for. I have found by experience that White’s progress from the Maroczy Bind often hinges on the square e5 and being able to play Nd5 unmolested. These two things now come together. 17.e5! The point is that Black has to make space for his knight as 17…Ne8 18 Nd5 is hardly palatable and …Nh5 also leads to material loss. 17…bxc4 Now that the e4 target has moved, Black has to exchange his b-pawn. 18.bxc4 It is clear that Black is forced to make space for his knight on d7 by playing 18…Bf5, but it was here that I noticed the plight of Black’s queen. 18…Bf5 19.Qe3 dxe5 20.fxe5 At this point I felt a bit out on a limb with my proud pawn-centre reduced to isolated remnants (hopefully, proud isolated remnants). Is this going to be seen as reckless, or have I truly got Black on the run? 20…Nd7 21.Nd5 This attacks e7, but more importantly takes away c7 from the queen. 21…Rfe8? The natural move, but the wrong rook! Black has not noticed the net enveloping his queen or he would have played 21…Rce8, though by continuing as the game, White retains the advantage. 22.g4 Be6 23.Rb1 Qa8 24.Bf3! The pay-off. Black’s queen is trapped and is threatened with a deadly discovery eg 25 Nxe7+. If 24…Kh8 25 Nc7 wins the queen for two minor pieces. Black has two other tries: a) 24…Rc6 25 Nc7, then i) 25…Qc8 26 Nxe8 Rxc4 27 Nxg7 Kxg7 leave White a whole rook up, or ii) 25…Rxc7 26 Bxa8 Rxa8 27 c5. And b) 24…Bxd5 25 Bxd5 Rc6 26 Qf3! Rec8 27 Qxf7+ Kh8 28 Qxe7 Nf8 (if 28…R8c7 29 Bxc6 Qxc6 30 Qd8+ Nf8 31 Rxf8+ etc.) 29 Rb7! wins. After considering these prospects, Black stopped the clocks and resigned. 1-0


Date Opponents Venue      
1/10/02 Wanstead & Woodford 3 Home ½
8/10/02 Waltham Forest Home
13/11/02 Billericay Away
26/11/02 Brentwood 1 Home 6 2
13/12/02 Southend-on-Sea 2 Away 5 3
28/1/03 Barking 2 Home 3 5
25/2/02 Upminster 2 Home
18/3/03 Roding & Loughton 1 Away 7 1
7/4/03 Ilford 2 Away


Date Opponents Venue      
1/10/02 Wanstead & Woodford 2 Away ½
15/10/02 Billericay Home
22/10/02 Waltham Forest Away 2 5
2/12/02 Brentwood 1 Away
17/1/03 Southend-on-Sea 2 Away 2 6
21/1/03 Ilford 2 Home
18/2/02 Roding & Loughton 1 Home 6 2
27/2/02 Barking 2 Away 2 6
8/4/02 Upminster 2 Away


Date Opponents Venue      
8/10/02 Wanstead & Woodford 5 Away
15/10/02 Upminster 3 Home 3 3
23/10/02 Powdermill 2 Away 2 4
14/11/02 Barking 3 (defaulted match) Away 6 0
26/11/02 Brentwood 2 Home 4 2
3/12/02 Roding & Loughton 2 Home
16/12/02 Brentwood 3 Away


Date Opponents Venue      
8/10/02 Wanstead & Woodford 4 Home
21/10/02 Brentwood 2 Away ½
12/11/02 Powdermill 2 Home 3 3
3/12/02 Upminster 3 Away
4/2/03 Roding & Loughton 2 Away
25/2/03 Brentwood 3 (Defaulted match) Home 6 0
18/3/03 Barking 3 Home

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