National Club 2001/2

In an attempt to increase the number of entries, the National Club competition had been restructured, with three rather than five standardplay sections. The Club entered the Major, which is based on a team’s average grade being under 160, a principle which presents quite different captaincy challenges from the previous U175 competition, and the Handicap Rapidplay


Round 1 – 16 December 2001

With an unbalanced entry of three teams from the North, nobody from the Midlands and everybody else from the South, somebody was going to draw the short straw, and it turned out to be Wanstead who were paired with Rose Forgrove B from Leeds.  A surprisingly close match was won on board count thanks to Ian’ Hunnable’s win with five pawans against a rook.  For a report and the score of Ian’s game click here.

Board Colour Home team Grade Score Away team Grade Score
1 B Richard Archer 160 ½ Julian Winkworth 175 ½
2 W Clive Davies 139 0 Ian Hunnable 166 1
3 B Ed Hurwitz 148 0 Terry Whitton 160 1
4 W Geoff Smith 140 1 John Philpott 142 0
5 B A Graham Williamson 127 1 David Smith 139 0
TOTAL – Home TOTAL – Away

Round 2

The Club were awarded a bye, with a home quarter final against the winners between Bourne End and Basingstoke Juniors to follow. The other quarter finals were Maidstone v The Holt, Basingstoke A v Wood Green and Thornbury v Prescot & Knotty Ash.

Quarter final – 11 February 2011

The club went down on board count to Bourne End, despite the visitors turning up at Wanstead House a man short.  Click here for a report and games.

Board Colour Home team Grade Score Away team Grade Score
1 W Gerry Hayes 191 ½ Andrew Smith 189 ½
2 B Larry Marden 177 ½ Roger de Coverly 183 ½
3 W Terry Whitton 160 0 Kevin Hawkins 144 1
4 B Steve Gilmour 147 ½ David Turner 128 ½
5 W John Campbell 127 1 Default 0
TOTAL – Home TOTAL – Away


This was organised as a four board five round Swiss at Magdalen College School, Oxford on Sunday 7 April 2002.   At its first attempt, the club tied with Athenaeum and Bedford, with whom the prize money was shared, but was awarded the title on the tier-break of lowest average grade.

For a report click here.

Click here to return to the 2001/2 summary.

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