Club Championship prizes 2015/16

With another good entry, we have grading prizes for first and second place in three grade limited sections as well as for the best relative performance by a Junior other than the new Junior Champion.  The champagne moment also features.


Champion       Championship Trophy & Retention Plaque with the right to play Board 1 for first teams in 2016/17

Second           £20

Third               £10

Junior Champion    Trophy & Retention Plaque

Grading Prizes:   3 sections this year      £10 each for the best placed finish and £5 for runner up in:

120 to U150   (8 players in 30 point range)

80 to U120   (8 players in 40 point range)

U80     (8 players in 30 point range)

Committee Awards: £10 each in the opinion of the Committee for

a)    the best overall Junior performance other than by the new Junior Champion relative to starting grade/estimate

b)   the Champagne Moment of the Tournament (round stages)

The Champagne Moment is intended to reward the best or most entertaining one-off individual performance which may present it itself in any number of ways.  Examples by way of illustration could be the biggest upset, the best game, the best finish to a game (sacrifice, combination), the best swindle.  This is not intended to be an inclusive list, but you should get the idea.

If you think one or more of your games in any of the rounds or part of them would justify popping a cork then please present it to the Tournament Secretary.  Submissions will be posted on the website for peer enjoyment, review & comment, though the ultimate decision will rest with the majority vote of the Committee at its meeting in May (ahead of round 9).


23rd September 2015

Mark Murrell, Tournament Secretary

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