2012/13 summary

Opening night – On 11 September 2012, Ian Hunnable, David Spearman and Peter Nickals gave a caterpillar simultaneous display against the Club winning 16½-9½.

London League – Teams played in Divisions 2 and 4 and the Minor Division.  The Division 2 side just managed to stay up, while the division 4 side was very close to promotion.

Essex League – There was one team in each of the four divisions.

North Circular League – Teams played in Divisions A and B,  the Lawrance and Finchley Cups and the Baum Trophy.

National Club – A slightly disappointing season.  The Major team lost to Athenaeum in the first round and Maidstone in the first round of the Plate.  The Intermediate team began well by winning at Coasham in the first round, but were eliminated by Maidstone.

Lightning championship (defending champion Charlton Siddo) took place on 18 September and was won by Ian Hunnable, 1½ points ahead of Terry Whitton.  The U129 grading prize was shared by Kevin Sweeney.

Club championship (defending champions Ian Hunnable) was extended to 9 rounds this season. Ian Hunnable retained his title with a score of 7½/9

Blitz championship (defending champion David Spearman)

Rapidplay championship (defending champion David Spearman) took place on 23 March 2013 and won by new member Maksim Cheslavskiy.


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