Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield conditions

Shield presented A.G.M. 16.6.92. Competition inaugurated 1992/3.

1. Competition for the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield (“the trophy”) shall be governed by the following conditions.

2. The Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield shall be open for competition each season among the members of the Club, the winner each season to hold the trophy for one year, after which time it shall revert to the Club.

3. The winner of the trophy shall be determined by aggregation of points scored in games played in and for the Club in the following manner:

– all points scored in the Club Championship

– plus all points scored in the Lightning Championship

– plus all points scored in the Blitz Championship

– plus each member’s best fifteen (15) results in matches for the Club.

Points gained by default “on the night” shall count as if scored in play over the board.

4. In the event of two or more players achieving the same highest aggregate, the trophy shall be shared, each person to hold the trophy for a proportionate part of the subsequent year.

5. The latest position of the current season’s competition, as known to the Committee, shall be published in the Clubroom at least once a month during the season.

6. The name(s) of the winners(s) each year shall be engraved on the trophy which shall be presented at either the A.G.M. or the following Opening Night which ever shall occur first after the winner is known.

7. Any amendment or alteration to the conditions determining the winner of the trophy from season to season, shall be published to all members before the commencement of the season’s competition to which such amended or altered terms apply.

8. Any point not covered by these conditions shall be determined by the Committee which shall have due regard to any precedent.

Conditions implemented 22.2.92

Amended 18.5.93

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