Club Championship – Round 2, 24 October 2017

The Draw has been published for Round 2 of the Club Championship. Follow the link:

Club Championship R2 Draw

The draw can also be viewed as a popup from the Planner – when you get there, click on the Round 2 entry listed under 24 October.

Games to be played 24 October 2017 – unless dispensations granted for another date. Two dispensations were granted, one of those games is now being played early.

Lightning Championship – 3 October

The Tournament pages for the Club Lightning Championship – 3 October 2017 – have now been published – link below.

This is the one played to a 10 second buzzer.

Entries are currently running at 14 and are listed at the link below. Members intending to play are encouraged to respond to Mark’s circular email so that we can populate the tournament software and save time on the evening. It’s quicker to take a player out than put one in, so we would rather hear that you’d like to play, on the understanding that if it turns out that you are not able to make it, just lest us know and we will remove you.

If you cannot be there, you can still follow events online in the Tournament pages, which will be updated with results and pairings throughout the evening when the event is in play.

Lightning Tournament pages (plain screen)

It’s Writtle again…

Tuesday, 26 September, Wanstead House

Essex Rapidplay Knockout Final.






John Hodgson 191C r (W, B)



FM Andrew Lewis 211A s (B, W)


David Spearman 188B r



Russell White 194C r


Steve Rix 177C r



Ivan Myall 178B r


Terry Whitton 172C r



John Moore 190D r


Larry Marden 160B r



David Millward 166A r






Wanstead A entertained defending KO Champions, Writtle, in the Final of this year’s competition. Skipper Paul Barclay had to cope with the late withdrawal of his top Board, IM Artur Sygulski. Larry Marden was on hand to step in as the late reserve, but all the other players had to move up a board.

With this handicap, it is easy to look on the outcome as inevitable, yet the team that took the field was still competitive.

Writtle, one has to accept, have the ‘winning habit’ and though having lost the toss, took the lead in the first round by 3½-1½, having won their two Whites and held Wanstead to draws with the black pieces.

In the second half, Wanstead staged a fightback and came close to matching Writtle’s first half results. David Spearman and Terry Whitton secured wins with Wanstead’s two Whites. Had Larry been able to repeat his first half draw, the match would have been a tie, even after the operation of both tie-breaks, necessitating a replay. But it didn’t happen. Larry lost his game and Writtle were home with two games to spare. Those games were the two Wanstead wins, but a Round 2 score of 3-2 was insufficient and Writtle retained the Sims Cup with 5½-4½ overall.

So once more, it is congratulations to Writtle!

For the first time in an Essex competition, games were screened live on the ECA website. The top three boards in each round were played on the sensory equipment. While there was a hiccup with the set up in Round 1, which delayed appearance of the games on screen, all the games have been captured and are available for PGN download. The Round 2 games were broadcast without problem; they can still be played through on screen as well as being downloaded in PGN. Of these games, the one to look out for is David Spearman’s Round 2 win against Russell White. Links below; you will find the links for the PGN downloads below the game board.

KO Final games, Boards 1-3

Planner 2017-18 update

Planner 2017-18 v2 is now available.

FIXTURES Planner 2017 Overview v2

Club Championship 2017-18 – Round 1

The DRAW is published for Round 1 of the Club Championship 2017-18. Link below.

There have been a few changes to the Club Championship Rules, which are linked below.

Remember, all points scored in the Club Championship count towards the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield. Current standings can be found from the Statistics menu – link to stats below.

Club Championship R1 Draw | Club Championship Rules (pdf) | Stats menu

2018 Ladder published

Entries for the 2018 Ladder competition are closed and can be found at the link below.

An innovation this year, to spice up the competition, is that the starting position places the entrants in reverse grading order, with the lowest graded at the top and the highest at the bottom. No resting on laurels here!

Don’t forget that Ladder points count towards the Match score component of the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield. The games included for the purposes of the RWMS can be found in the Stats menu (link in the ‘About’ menu selection above).

On game has already been played:

(3) Fleming 1 – 0 O’ Regan (1).
Michael moves to the top of the ladder.

For the latest Ladder and Games List follow these links – each will open in a new window, so this page will remain open for you to come back to.

2018 Ladder as at 17 Sep 2017 | Ladder games 2018

Essex and North Circular fixtures

Following publication of the London League fixtures (see previous article, below) the fixtures for both the Essex and North Circular Leagues are now published and can be accessed from the links below. Fixtures Secretary Mark Murrell is to be congratulated on putting together another busy and complex season of League chess.

The Essex Division 3 fixtures required a little creative thinking for the League Secretary, David Millward, with eight teams. The Clubs were offered three options, a single round, a double round, or a hybrid system; they opted for the latter. The hybrid system involves splitting of the teams into two groups, which have been labelled “East” and “West” each double round, i.e. six fixtures. After this first stage, the top two in each group go into the “A Final” and the bottom two in each group go into the “B Final”. The teams in each final group play each of the new teams home and away, but not the team they met in the first stage as the original matches against that team count again in the Final stage. In order to ease the arrangement of these additional fixtures, Mark has wisely agreed provisional dates against all the prospective opponents in the Final stage, although only half of those matches will materialise. These provisional dates are listed in the fixture document, with an explanatory note. In due course, this document will be updated to show the live fixtures and remove the others.

The Webmaster is working on providing a Planner document derived from the program which collates the stats, but this is still in the early programming stages. In the meantime, Mark’s fixtures planner is available – link below – which will give members an overview of activity on any date.

As noted before, members are reminded that the place where the Club’s match results and player statistics will appear is in the Statistics option on the About menu (see menu bar above this article) or from the link below.

EL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | NCCL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | Stats menu | Fixtures Planner 2017 Overview (pdf)