Membership of the club is open to:

(a)  Natives and residents of Wanstead or Woodford.

(b)  Others at the discretion of the Committee.

Anybody interested in joining should contact the Secretary Philip Staniland on 07949 881 881 or Email or attend the Club on a Tuesday night and speak to the Officers present.

The annual subscription is a minimum of £25 for ordinary members, with reduced minimum rates of £10 applying to juniors under 14, and £15 to members aged 14 and over who are in full time education.  The subscription is due at the start of the season, and can be paid to the Treasurer Peter Nickals on a club night or sent to him at 91 Dover Road, London E12 5DZ.

A Board Fee for each club night attended of £3 for ordinary members and £1 for juniors will be collected on the night.

Modest entry fees, which will be returned in prize money, are charged for the Club Championship (£2.50) and the Lightning (£1), Blitz (£1) and Rapidplay (£4 including Board Fee) Championships.

Out of the membership subscription, the Club pays its dues to the Essex Chess Association, the London Chess League and the North Circular Chess League, all of which are registered for the ECF’s Game Fee and charge their member clubs accordingly.

The Club is a “Constituent Body” of the Wanstead House Community Association (WHCA) and hires one or more rooms at the House one night a week.  The bulk of the cost of the room hire is met out of the Board Fees charged.

All members of the Club are automatically enrolled as members of the WHCA as part of the Club subscription.  This confers rights to use the bar and the car park.

Members of WHCA using the car park are requested to display their membership card in the car windscreen when parked, and to “double park” if necessary.

It is a House requirement for members to sign in and out when attending the club.

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