Digital clocks

Guidance notes for players and Match Captains on games played with a time increment

Wanstead matches at home in the Essex League (only) played with digital clocks now use the following time limit: All moves in 80 minutes plus an increment of 10 seconds for every move played from the start (NB Quickplay Finish Rules do NOT apply).

Please note that all the clocks are pre-set with these time limits AND REQUIRE NO FURTHER ADJUSTMENT AT ANY TIME (except in the event of needing to add a time penalty for an infringement – See 5. below)

Players should however note the following:

1.   To start the game, first make sure that White’s lever is in the up position, then press the central button. This will start White’s clock.

2.   It is possible that the 10 sec. add on will cause one or both clocks to continue to show  80 min, especially if early moves are made quickly.

3.   The move counter is not in operation, as errors by players can lead to confusion.

4.   A FLASHING BLACK FLAG will appear on the expiry of time by one player. This indicates a loss on time by that player.

5.  In the event of an illegal move being played it is customary to award an extra two minutes thinking time to the opponent. To do this, stop the clock  by holding down the stop button for two seconds. This will cause the extreme left hand digit to start flashing. Each digit may now be corrected by using the +/- buttons followed by OK, but bear in mind that at this stage every digit operates independently so that, for example, to change 08 to 10 it is first necessary to increase the 0 digit to 1 before changing the 8 to 0.

6. Each player must continue to record the moves until they have less than five minutes on their clock. If, due to increments, the time shown goes back over five minutes, they do NOT need to resume scoring.

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