Club Championship rules of play

1     The rate of play shall be 36 moves in the first 1½ hours and 24 moves in each subsequent hour.

Prior to the start of the game opposing players may agree, if they wish, to a quickplay or incremental finish.

The time control for a game conducted with a quickplay finish shall be 30 moves in 1hr 15 min. followed by the addition of 15 min. to each player’s clock; the game is then to be completed in the total time remaining. FIDE quickplay finish rules (excluding Article G4) will apply after the initial time control.

The time control for a game conducted with an incremental finish shall be all moves in 1 hour 20 min. with 10 sec. per move added from the start.  For the avoidance of doubt Appendix G of the FIDE Laws of Chess does not apply.

2     All players shall appear at the Club on the date published for the start of each round, ready to play.

If unable to attend and play on that date, a player shall seek dispensation from the Tournament Secretary to play on another date.  Failure to appear and/or seek dispensation shall render the player liable to default.

A request for dispensation shall be made in writing to the Tournament Secretary and submitted at least seven days in advance of the due date for that round, with two suggested alternative dates on which the player is able to play the game, which if possible should be before the date for the next round.  In the event that dispensation is granted, the Tournament Secretary shall give notice to the Opponent that the game has been postponed, notifying also the suggested alternative dates.  The game shall be played on a date as directed by the Tournament Secretary who shall have due regard to the declared availability of each player.

3     All initial playing sessions at the Club shall commence not later than 7.30 pm at which time clocks shall be started.  The initial playing session shall be 3 hours duration.  Any player who has not been granted dispensation under Rule 2 and who has not appeared by 8.00 pm shall be defaulted.

Adjourned games being resumed at the Club shall be arranged so as to allow not less than 2 hours play.

4     At the completion of a game the result shall be recorded on the pairing sheet, or reported to the Tournament Secretary, by the player who had the white pieces.  In the event that the game is completed away from the Club, the player having the white pieces shall report the result to the Tournament Secretary within three days.

5     In the event of an adjournment, the players shall agree a date for the game to be continued and such date shall be recorded on the pairing sheet before the players leave the Club following the adjournment of the game.  In the case of a game being played away from the Club being adjourned, the player having the white pieces shall notify the Tournament Secretary within 3 days, of the date and venue of the resumption.  In either case, in the event that the date shall be unsatisfactory to the Tournament Secretary, the game shall be resumed as he shall direct.

6     Failure to start or complete a game within the time periods allowed under these Rules, shall render either or both players liable to default at the discretion of the Tournament Secretary.

7     After two successive defaults a player shall be deemed to be withdrawn.

8     In the event that two or more players tie for first place the Championship shall be decided by one or more play-off games between the players concerned.   The play-off shall be conducted as provided in the following Appendix.

9     In any season, in the absence of a separate competition for the Junior Championship of the Club  then the highest placed competitor in the Club Championship under the age of 18, provided a minimum of two such eligible competitors participate, shall be declared Junior Club Champion

10    Any point not covered by these Rules shall be decided by the Tournament Secretary.

Appendix: Play-off Rules

a     The play-off games shall be arranged and conducted as directed by the Tournament Secretary

b     Where the following play-offs fail to produce an outright winner the Championship shall be shared equally.

c      Two way tie

There shall be a double round play-off between the players concerned.

d     Three way tie

There shall be a double round play-off between all the players concerned.

Where all three players agree a single round play-off may be played instead.  In which event rule e below shall apply.

e     Four way tie or greater

There shall be a single round of play-off games between all the players concerned.

f     Any point not covered by this Appendix shall be decided by the Tournament Secretary.

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