Blitz Championship – Tuesday 2nd January 2018

Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club Blitz Championship takes place on Tuesday 2nd January 2018.

Doors open at 7:15 pm with Round 1 scheduled to start at 7:30 pm. Don’t be late!

A 7 round Swiss at a rate of 8 minutes per player per game and with no handicap – the real thing for this first of the month all Club event.

Reigning Champion – Steve Rix.

Tie break is the Sum of Progressive Scores. This may be varied by the Controller provided it is announced before the start of round 1.

All points scored count towards your total for the Roy Wagstaff Memorial Shield, the award for the most comprehensive performance across the Club’s diverse activities excluding Rapid games.

Ian Hunnable is the appointed Controller for the event. As usual, if you are thinking of playing please register your interest in advance with Ian or myself, so that the tournament software can be populated in advance to save time on the night.

Ian can be contacted by e-mail at Telephone entries to me on 077 1288 1232.

Doors open for registration at 7:15pm. If your plans change or you are delayed en route on the night please contact me on the above number.
£1 tournament entry fee, which is returnable in prizes in addition to the usual board fee. Please ensure your arrival before 7:30 pm to make the draw for round 1.

The tournament pages are published HERE

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Ian and I look forward to seeing as many of you as possible for our now traditional start to the New Year.

Here’s to 2018.

Mark Murrell
Tournament Secretary & Fixtures Co-ordinator

Club Championship Round 3 – 21 November

The DRAW for Club Championship Round 3 is published. Make your way to:

Club Championship page

…and scroll to the bottom of that page.

Games to be played on 21 November, unless dispensation to play on another date is granted by the Tournament Secretary. Five dispensations have been granted to date.

Remember, you can find the Championship games and all other statistics, etc., from the Stats index.

Stats index

Champagne Moment

The Committee is currently voting on the Champagne Moment from the Club Championship. Tournament Secretary, Mark Murrell, explains:

“The guiding rubric is as follows:

“The Champagne Moment is intended to reward the best or most entertaining one-off individual performance which may present it itself in any number of ways.  Examples by way of illustration could be the biggest upset, the best game, the best finish to a game (sacrifice, combination), the best swindle  This is not intended to be an inclusive list, but you should get the idea.”

Six entries have been submitted and the winning entry will be decided by the Committee vote which will be announced soon, but you can enjoy the submitted entries via the links below. Also included is the final cross table for the Club Championship.

Champagne Moment 2017 entries Champagne Moment 2017 games | Championship 2017 final cross table

Steve Rix wins the Handicap Blitz Grand Prix

The story so far: after four of the five rounds of the 2016-17 Handicap Blitz Grand Prix, Steve Rix was in the lead with 20½/28, ahead of Terry Whitton, 19/28; David Spearman, 18/28; John Hodgson 17½/21.

Steve Rix, Grand Prix winner

Steve Rix, Grand Prix winner

Steve will admit the final event on 18 April was not one of  his best. While he started out like a train with 2/2, the loco derailed with losses in the next three rounds. The saving factor, however, was that his nearest challenger, Terry Whitton, was also having a mare and could do no better than Steve with 2/5.

With the mixed fortunes of the GP leaders, the interest divided, with the outcome of this 5th event and the destiny of the Grand Prix becoming separate strands from about R4 onwards.

In Round 4, the game between the tournament leaders, Paul Bancroft and Mark Murrell both on 3/3, was drawn, allowing Vladimir Parols, Paul Haddock and Jay Sharman to close within half a point of Paul and Mark.

All was thrown back in the melting pot when Round 5 brought reverses for Paul Bancroft (loss to Vladimir) Mark (loss to Paul Haddock) and Jay (loss to David Spearman). This brought Vladimir and Paul Haddock into the joint lead on 4/5, followed by Mark and Paul Bancroft.

In Round 6, Mark and Vladimir drew, Paul Haddock ost to David Spearman, John Hodgson defeated Paul Bancroft and Kyan Bui beat Kevin Sweeney, to leave the leading scores after 6 rounds: Vladimir, 4½/6; David Spearman, Paul Haddock, John Hodgson, Kyan Bui, Mark Murrell, 4.

Round 3 in progress

Round 3 in progress

In the “race” for the GP the 6th Round paired together the two leaders and with the point shared, Steve retained the GP lead.

The last round pairings saw the top three games drawn: Parols (4½)-Spearman (4), Haddock (4)-Hodgson (4), Bancroft (3½)-Bui (4), allowing Mark to join Vladimir in first place with a win over Kevin Sweeney.

Steve finished with a win in the last, while Terry lost again. So Steve’s 3½ points were enough to secure the GP, but Terry’s 2½ saw him slip to 4th place (21½) allowing David Spearman 22½ to take second place and John Hodgson 22 to take 3rd. Moreover, John had scored his points in only four of the five events, giving him the Petit Prix for the highest score from only four events.

Event 5 winners: Mark Murrell, Vladimir Parols, 5/7;
=3rd: Paul Haddock, John Hodgson, David Spearman, Kyan Bui, 4½;
20 players

Grand Prix Winner: Steve Rix, 24/35;
2nd: David Spearman, 22½/35
3rd: John Hodgson, 22/28 – Received the Petit Prix prize
4th: Terry Whitton, 21½/28 – Received the 3rd prize

Petit Prix Winner: John Hodgson

Club Rapidplay Championship – 18 March 2017

Our 8th Rapidplay Championship takes place in the Clubroom this Saturday, 18th March.

This all-day event is open to all members of Wanstead & Woodford Chess Club. This is a 6 round graded Rapidplay Swiss Tournament for the Championship Trophy, held by Steven Rix. The Controller will be Ian Hunnable. Subject to entry we hope to have the usual three placement and two grading prizes.

Rate of play: All moves in 20 minutes + 10 seconds each move, per player.
Entry Fee: £4 (inclusive of £3 board fee) for adults and £2 for juniors, payable on the day.
Free light refreshments will be available during the day and there is an hour’s break for lunch.

Provisional playing schedule:

 09:30  Doors open
 10:00  Round 1
 11:15  Round 2
 12:30  Round 3
 13:30  Lunch break
 14:30  Round 4
 15:45  Round 5
 17:00  Round 6
 18:00  Prize giving

Members intending to play in this event are asked to register in advance via the ‘Enter me’ link below. Entries are now being taken.

Please ensure you arrive in Roding Room at Wanstead House by 9:45 am to register for the event (including those entered in advance).

In the event of delays or other problems on the day affecting your participation I can be contacted on: 077 1288 1232.

Mark Murrell
Tournament Secretary

Current entries and, during the tournament, pairings and results throughout the day, can be found from the Winter Events menu above or the ‘Tournament page’ links below:

Enter me for the Rapidplay | Tournament page (with sidebar) | Tournament page (no sidebar)

‘Robert Brown’ simul – reminder

Chess Simultaneous Display – Robert Brown Memorial Charity Fundraiser

Reminder: ‘Robert Brown’ simul – a simultaneous chess display for up to 50 players by top ranking chess experts Grand Master Simon Williams and International Master Richard Bates. Further details below (see the article on 14 February).

This event is to raise money for Robert’s chosen charity, the British Lung Foundation. Wanstead House is providing the accommodation free of charge and the two Masters are providing their services free of charge. All proceeds from entry will go to the charity.

DateFriday 10th March 2017 – 19.15 for 19.30 start.

Venue – Wanstead House Community Centre, 21 The Green, Wanstead E11 2NT – just by Wanstead Central Line Station. The large hall in the back garden. There will be a cash bar and cafe available in the hall.

Cost – £12 adults  £8 Juniors.

Contact Chingford Chess Club asap – first come first served for tickets:

Brian Spear:
Robin Oakley:

Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 2 – 6 December 2016

The first event of the 2016-17 Handicap Blitz Grand Prix, on 1st November, finished with a remarkable quadruple tie between Mark Murrell, David Spearman, Steve Rix and Charlton Siddo all finishing on 5 points and therefore in joint lead in the Grand Prix.

The second event of this season’s Grand Prix takes place in the Clubroom, on Tuesday 6 December. Doors open at 7:15 with Round 1 starting at 7:30.

Entries are now open, twelve players having signed up on the first evening.

Please do register in advance with Tournament controller Ian Hunnable (email link) so that the pairing software can be populated in advance, saving much time on the night.

Each tournament in the Grand Prix series is self-contained, with its own prize fund, but all points scored will count towards the Grand Prix itself. You don’t need to play in all the events, you can treat each event as a stand-alone.

You can find full details from the links below.

Tournament page links: HBGP Rules and Conditions | HBGP2 Tournament Page