Essex and North Circular fixtures

Following publication of the London League fixtures (see previous article, below) the fixtures for both the Essex and North Circular Leagues are now published and can be accessed from the links below. Fixtures Secretary Mark Murrell is to be congratulated on putting together another busy and complex season of League chess.

The Essex Division 3 fixtures required a little creative thinking for the League Secretary, David Millward, with eight teams. The Clubs were offered three options, a single round, a double round, or a hybrid system; they opted for the latter. The hybrid system involves splitting of the teams into two groups, which have been labelled “East” and “West” each double round, i.e. six fixtures. After this first stage, the top two in each group go into the “A Final” and the bottom two in each group go into the “B Final”. The teams in each final group play each of the new teams home and away, but not the team they met in the first stage as the original matches against that team count again in the Final stage. In order to ease the arrangement of these additional fixtures, Mark has wisely agreed provisional dates against all the prospective opponents in the Final stage, although only half of those matches will materialise. These provisional dates are listed in the fixture document, with an explanatory note. In due course, this document will be updated to show the live fixtures and remove the others.

The Webmaster is working on providing a Planner document derived from the program which collates the stats, but this is still in the early programming stages. In the meantime, Mark’s fixtures planner is available – link below – which will give members an overview of activity on any date.

As noted before, members are reminded that the place where the Club’s match results and player statistics will appear is in the Statistics option on the About menu (see menu bar above this article) or from the link below.

EL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | NCCL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | Stats menu | Fixtures Planner 2017 Overview (pdf)

“Bonanza Night” – Live!

Tonight is “Bonanza Night” when our three teams in the Baum Trophy all play each other in three rounds of G30 Rapid Chess. The novelty this year is that three games in each round will be screened live on the Internet.

Watch them here: Bonanza Live Games
Approximate round start times of 7:30, 8:35 and 9:40 pm. The games will automatically refresh, but you will need to refresh your browser between rounds to get updated headers.

The games which will be shown live are:

Round 1

1 Staniland v Spearman
2 Bancroft v Collyer
3 Savaranan v Marden

Round 2

1 Spearman v Parols
2 Bancroft v Hodgson
3 Marden v Barclay

Round 3

1 Parols v Staniland
2 Hodgson v Collyer
3 Barclay v Savaranan

Approximate round start times of 7:30, 8:35 and 9:40 pm. You will need to refresh your browser between rounds to get update headers.

Planner v1.b1 17 January 2017

The North Circular 4th team match at Home to Enfield 3, due to have been played on 12 January, was postponed an Enfield’s request and will now be played on 18 May 2017.

The Planner has been updated with this change and can be downloaded from the link below. We have also taken this opportunity to modify the version number so that the alpha character is promoted to the first subordinate position.

Change Log v1.b1 (previous version 1.7a)

Change of date for N4 v Enfield 3
Amend document version format to (was


Updated Planner – v1.4a

The North Circular League third team match v Enfield 1 has been postponed from 10 November to 24 November. The Planner has been updated to reflect this change and can be downloaded from the link below.

Change Log v1.4a

N3 v Enfield 1 postponed from 10 Nov to 24 Nov

Document Link: planner-2016-17-v1-4a

Finchley Cup


Photograph provided by Gary Cook

Mark Murrell receives the Finchley Cup on behalf of Wanstead and Woodford 4 from NCCL Chairman Philip Staniland at the League’s AGM held at Wanstead House on 9 September.

A Finchley Cup Final classic goes to tie break, 7 March 2016


IMG_20160307_212321Matches between Wanstead first and second teams, which this match was, for this North Circular Chess League rapidplay knockout Cup competition, are renowned for being fiercely fought events. This match, extended from 4 to 7 boards played in front of the Finchley Cup raised on a pedestal of our 70th birthday celebratory sets’ boxes, was no exception.

Chairman Ian, last to arrive, remarked on the tension in our club room as the assembled players awaited the arrival of the team captains to declare the teams, no-one being quite sure of which team they were playing for; friend or foe? As not unusual in extended board events there was an enforced team change when stalwart of this competition, Keith Jones, fell victim to a Mother’s Day family surprise. Read more of this post

Bonanza Night results (Baum trophy)

Summer Rapidplay co-ordinator Mark Murrell writes

Thank you to the 26 of you who played in all 3 matches last night and to Wim and Jean who completed the teams for the final match of the night. 40 games of rapidplay 30:30 were played. I was very pleased to see a turnout representative of the whole club from the very top (two IMs were playing for the Anands) to the very bottom including new members trying their luck in this format for the first time.

The first team top 4 was our strongest yet which gave challenging opponents for the top boards in the other three teams whilst giving the controller the luxury of much closer pairings across other boards than in the past.  There were many interesting games and quite a few far too close to call which went to the wire. Read more of this post