Essex and North Circular fixtures

Following publication of the London League fixtures (see previous article, below) the fixtures for both the Essex and North Circular Leagues are now published and can be accessed from the links below. Fixtures Secretary Mark Murrell is to be congratulated on putting together another busy and complex season of League chess.

The Essex Division 3 fixtures required a little creative thinking for the League Secretary, David Millward, with eight teams. The Clubs were offered three options, a single round, a double round, or a hybrid system; they opted for the latter. The hybrid system involves splitting of the teams into two groups, which have been labelled “East” and “West” each double round, i.e. six fixtures. After this first stage, the top two in each group go into the “A Final” and the bottom two in each group go into the “B Final”. The teams in each final group play each of the new teams home and away, but not the team they met in the first stage as the original matches against that team count again in the Final stage. In order to ease the arrangement of these additional fixtures, Mark has wisely agreed provisional dates against all the prospective opponents in the Final stage, although only half of those matches will materialise. These provisional dates are listed in the fixture document, with an explanatory note. In due course, this document will be updated to show the live fixtures and remove the others.

The Webmaster is working on providing a Planner document derived from the program which collates the stats, but this is still in the early programming stages. In the meantime, Mark’s fixtures planner is available – link below – which will give members an overview of activity on any date.

As noted before, members are reminded that the place where the Club’s match results and player statistics will appear is in the Statistics option on the About menu (see menu bar above this article) or from the link below.

EL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | NCCL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | Stats menu | Fixtures Planner 2017 Overview (pdf)

Essex League: Wanstead III prevail!

A year ago I was asked if I might take on the captaincy of our E3 team. A request that came as quite a surprise as I was, and still am, trying to find my way as a chess player and as a competitor. Kevin Sweeney who captained the team last year, reassured me that I would have very solid support from a quite a large squad of players for this team and he was absolutely right. Throughout the season all the players have been totally reliable, very helpful and very competitive. On the one occasion when it looked as if we might struggle to get a team out, players from the E4 squad made themselves available. May I take this opportunity to thank all the players in the squad and a few other players too for their readiness, their reliability and their helpfulness.

Our team has been a mixture of experienced regular players along with two Junior players. One of those Juniors is no longer a Junior and looks to be a very key player next season. The other Junior has impressed us all enormously and we hope he will be able fit many matches in between school work demands. One key regular player is moving away from the area and may not be so available next year. We also have a couple of players getting back into previous high levels of play. I feel very positive about the squad moving forward. The season did not start very well with a draw in our second game, quickly followed by our only loss, but we gained real momentum with a string of wins and managed the all-important win over Upminster III which means even if they finish with the same points we have the head-to-head win.

On Thursday 20th April I received an email from David Millward to say that our E3 team had won the Division and that we will now be promoted to Division 2. And we all know what that means about the challenge that lies ahead!

Ben Harte

Wanstead win Essex League Division 2

After a week of disappointments in other areas, Wanstead 2 won 5 – 3 away to Southend on Friday 22 April to clinch Division 2 of the Essex League, and ensure that two Wanstead teams will be playing in Division 1 next season.

This was a hard earned victory as Wanstead fell 2-0 behind, and then trailed 3 – 1 after two draws.  However, the last four games were all won for the visitors to secure a decisive turnaround: David Smith, Philip Staniland, Paul Barclay and Terry Donnelly were the successful players.

Challenge match and Essex League 2014/15 retrospective

This Tuesday, 22nd September, at 7:30 WWCC as reigning Essex League Champions take on a representative invitation team captained by Essex Chess Association President, Ivor Smith, drawn from the other 9 competing Essex League Clubs in a 15 board restored Challenge Match to introduce the new match season.   Our usual club activities will be in Manor room.

Here is retiring Essex League 1 Captain, Mark Murrell’s retrospective take on his team’s Championship winning season, for those who missed it at the AGM. Read more of this post

Wanstead win the Essex League

we are the championsWanstead 1 have won the Essex League for the first time since 2004/5, and the eighth time in total, by beating Basildon 4½ – 3½ on 28 April, in the process breaking Writtle’s winning sequence which had extended to nine seasons.  This success was achieved despite losing both matches against Writtle in the course of the season.

Many congratulations to the players, and particularly to captain Mark Murrell.

Bd Col Wanstead 1 Grade Score Basildon Grade Score
1 B Artur Sygulski 196 ½ Dave Kraszewski 180 ½
2 W Steven Rix 178 ½ Sean Clarke 172 ½
3 B Larry Marden 175 1 Paul Savin 164 0
4 W Ian Hunnable 172 ½ Tamas Somogyi e170] ½
5 B Terry Whitton 175 1 Peter Laundy 155 0
6 W Philip Stanliand 160 0 Arunas Gedvilas 153 1
7 B Naomi Wei 162 0 Tye Byram 150 1
8 W Paul Barclay 149 1 B Lakhsmanan 0
TOTAL – Home TOTAL – Away

Ian Hunnable reported the events of the evening on the ECA website as follows:

Wanstead’s final match, this evening, which Wanstead had to win, at home to Basildon, was of course a tense affair. Neither side was at full strength. Basildon went ahead when Tye Byram won for the visitors, but Paul Barclay levelled the scores before Wanstead went ahead when Larry Marden beat Paul Savin in an ‘opposite bishops’ ending. With three games still in play, Wanstead needed “just” 1½ points. The way they got them was bizarre (names hereafter withheld for the players’ safety). Wanstead, up in one game and no better than level in the other two, seemed to have enough in hand. But gradually, the game where Wanstead were “ahead” began to look level and one of the “level” positions was suddenly going Basildon’s way. Then Basildon blundered the other “level” position to give Wanstead an unexpected win. The game in which Wanstead were “up”, dwindled to a draw, but this was enough for the League Championship, before the other “level” position turned Basildon’s way; but Wanstead were home. So of these last three games, Wanstead won one “level” position and lost the other, but only drew the game where they were “ahead”.

Top of the tree for Christmas

christmas treeAfter last night’s 6½ – 3½ win by the London League first team against a King’s Head 2 side that outgraded it on every board bar one, the club moves into the Christmas break extremely well placed in both the London and Essex Leagues.

London League first team division 2

Current position first, with 3½ match points out of 4.  Battersea have a similar score, but an inferior games differential. Read more of this post

2014/15 Fixtures

Fixtures for the club’s matches in the Essex, London and North Circular Leagues have now been uploaded to the website, and can be accessed by clicking on the following links.

Essex League

London League

North Circular Chess League

NB home league matches in the NCCL are being played on Thursday evenings in Park Room (upstairs, first on the left).  Non-match Thursday evenings will also be available from 16th October until the end of April for social chess and other organised activities, further details of which will be announced in due course

The dates for the Upminster matches in Divisions 2 and 4 the Essex League are subject to the possibility of the home and away fixtures being switched.  The date for the Division 1 match away to Upminster has changed from  the provisionally inducated 31 March to 21 April since the fixtures were uploaded.