Essex and North Circular fixtures

Following publication of the London League fixtures (see previous article, below) the fixtures for both the Essex and North Circular Leagues are now published and can be accessed from the links below. Fixtures Secretary Mark Murrell is to be congratulated on putting together another busy and complex season of League chess.

The Essex Division 3 fixtures required a little creative thinking for the League Secretary, David Millward, with eight teams. The Clubs were offered three options, a single round, a double round, or a hybrid system; they opted for the latter. The hybrid system involves splitting of the teams into two groups, which have been labelled “East” and “West” each double round, i.e. six fixtures. After this first stage, the top two in each group go into the “A Final” and the bottom two in each group go into the “B Final”. The teams in each final group play each of the new teams home and away, but not the team they met in the first stage as the original matches against that team count again in the Final stage. In order to ease the arrangement of these additional fixtures, Mark has wisely agreed provisional dates against all the prospective opponents in the Final stage, although only half of those matches will materialise. These provisional dates are listed in the fixture document, with an explanatory note. In due course, this document will be updated to show the live fixtures and remove the others.

The Webmaster is working on providing a Planner document derived from the program which collates the stats, but this is still in the early programming stages. In the meantime, Mark’s fixtures planner is available – link below – which will give members an overview of activity on any date.

As noted before, members are reminded that the place where the Club’s match results and player statistics will appear is in the Statistics option on the About menu (see menu bar above this article) or from the link below.

EL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | NCCL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | Stats menu | Fixtures Planner 2017 Overview (pdf)

London League fixtures

The London League fixtures are published and you can download our LL fixtures document (v2 06 Sep 2017) from the link below. While every care has been taken in producing this document, errors can occur; the definitive authority for all fixtures is the London Chess League website.

After several seasons when the League expected to have to move from Golden Lane, finally the move has happened and a new central venue is in play for 2017-18. This is Citadines Hotel, 94-99 High Holborn, London WC1V 6LF.

LL Fixtures 2017-18 (pdf) | LCL Website | WW Stats 2017-18

“Bonanza Night” – Live!

Tonight is “Bonanza Night” when our three teams in the Baum Trophy all play each other in three rounds of G30 Rapid Chess. The novelty this year is that three games in each round will be screened live on the Internet.

Watch them here: Bonanza Live Games
Approximate round start times of 7:30, 8:35 and 9:40 pm. The games will automatically refresh, but you will need to refresh your browser between rounds to get updated headers.

The games which will be shown live are:

Round 1

1 Staniland v Spearman
2 Bancroft v Collyer
3 Savaranan v Marden

Round 2

1 Spearman v Parols
2 Bancroft v Hodgson
3 Marden v Barclay

Round 3

1 Parols v Staniland
2 Hodgson v Collyer
3 Barclay v Savaranan

Approximate round start times of 7:30, 8:35 and 9:40 pm. You will need to refresh your browser between rounds to get update headers.

Essex League: Wanstead III prevail!

A year ago I was asked if I might take on the captaincy of our E3 team. A request that came as quite a surprise as I was, and still am, trying to find my way as a chess player and as a competitor. Kevin Sweeney who captained the team last year, reassured me that I would have very solid support from a quite a large squad of players for this team and he was absolutely right. Throughout the season all the players have been totally reliable, very helpful and very competitive. On the one occasion when it looked as if we might struggle to get a team out, players from the E4 squad made themselves available. May I take this opportunity to thank all the players in the squad and a few other players too for their readiness, their reliability and their helpfulness.

Our team has been a mixture of experienced regular players along with two Junior players. One of those Juniors is no longer a Junior and looks to be a very key player next season. The other Junior has impressed us all enormously and we hope he will be able fit many matches in between school work demands. One key regular player is moving away from the area and may not be so available next year. We also have a couple of players getting back into previous high levels of play. I feel very positive about the squad moving forward. The season did not start very well with a draw in our second game, quickly followed by our only loss, but we gained real momentum with a string of wins and managed the all-important win over Upminster III which means even if they finish with the same points we have the head-to-head win.

On Thursday 20th April I received an email from David Millward to say that our E3 team had won the Division and that we will now be promoted to Division 2. And we all know what that means about the challenge that lies ahead!

Ben Harte

WWCC National Club Major Champions 2017

A fitting epitaph for the late John Philpott, National Club Captain 1999 to 2011

The winners with the trophy! (l to r) Ian Hunnable, Mark Murrell, Organiser, Ian Reynolds, David Spearman

A difficult, but ultimately rewarding weekend in Solihull, saw the Club recapture the National Club Major trophy, previously won in style on three occasions under the captaincy of the inimitable John Philpott (2004, 2009 and 2010). That the five players who formed the successful team in 2010 were participating in this National Club weekend is especially poignant.

The Club also participated in the Minor competition, the squad system employed enabling some to participate in both competitions, each match of four boards, eight boards in total needing to be filled in each round, observing the grading limit of each. The pilot of this ‘flying octopus’ was Mark Murrell and you can read his detailed report, with its historical references, linked from the National Club page, together with a picture gallery and a few of the games (which you can download).

Go to the National Club page

Fixture change and new Planner 2016-17 v2.b1 – 2 Mar 2017

The  London League 2nd team fixture v GLCC 2 has been moved from 28 March to 11 May, with change of venue: now at Golden Lane. A new version of the Planner is available to reflect this change – link below.

Change log, v2.b1

Move GLCC 2 v L2 from 28 March t0 11 May
Venue for this fixture is now Golden Lane (“GL”)

Updated planner: planner-2016-17-v2-b1

Planner v2.a2 – 5 February 2017

With apologies for the previous ‘red herring’, herewith a corrected Planner update – v2.a2 – showing the L4 match v Hammersmith Hedger now on 12 June. (The previously shown 30 June is apparently a ‘holding’ date for fixtures being rearranged.)

Change log v2.a2

L4 v Hammersmith Hedger move from 30 June to 12 June.