Announcing our new website, new Junior section and updated documents

This post will be the LAST current post on this website. With immediate effect, the Club’s website is now at:


Bookmark the above link now, before you forget. Better still visit the above link and make that your new Home page.

The site you are currently reading, is now the “old” site, which will be reconfigured as an archive. It will still be available to visit for past activities, etc., but for all new material go to the new site. A certain amount of administrative material, such as Constitution and Rules, current Officers, etc., will be transferred and updated on the new site.

Junior Section, Safeguarding and Data protection

Our new Junior section, which will provide coaching during school term time, is launching on 18 September and is now open for enrollment. Full details and application form is available from the new website at this location: Junior section

We have also published on the new website related safeguarding and data protection information have been posted on the Club’s – links below.

Safeguarding | Data protection

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