Club Championship Round 8 – 27 March

The draw for the penultimate round of the Club Championship has been posted.  All games, save for those affected by dispensation, are to be played on 27th March.

Entries for the Champagne Moment of the Championship are invited. Please submit these to the Tournament Secretary.

Partha Mulay leads the Championship and Junior Championship on 6/7. Manuel Perez Carballo and Steve Rix are his nearest challengers half a point behind with Aadarsh Saravanan pressing hard in the Junior competition on 5/7.

All the Junior competitors are playing impressively well above their grading with the relative performance junior prize wide open:

Tejas +20; Partha +22; Aadarsh +23 and Kyan +27.

Elsewhere the grading section leaders are:

U85 Tejas Mulay and Wim de Jong 3½
U115 Arvind Mulay and John Jestico 3½
U140 Alex Collyer 5 from Kyan Bui 4½
U165 Aadarsh Saravanan and Mark Murrell 5

Mark Murrell
Tournament Secretary

Club Championship Round 8 | Cross Table

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