It’s a tie


Handicap Blitz Grand Prix 1 – 7 November 2017

The first in this season’s Grand Prix series saw a pulsating struggle which ended with Lightning Champion, Mark Murrell, tied with Steve Rix on 5½/7.

It was four rounds before a clear leader emerged, in the shape of Mark Murrell on 4/4, followed by Philip Staniland, Vladimir Parols and Charlton Siddo, all on 3. Steve Rix at this point had 2½. The chasing pack were happy to see Charlton take a half off Mark in Round 5, but Steve was still a point behind Mark, whose lead on 4½/5 was cut to half a point over Vladimir, 4.

Everything went back into the melting pot in Round 6, with Steve (3½) beating Mark (4½) to join him in the lead. However, more joined the party with Charlton (3½) beating Vladimir (4) and David Spearman (3½) inflicting on Philip (3) his third defeat in successive rounds, having started with 3/3.


So at the start of the last round, there were four players on 4½/6: Mark, David Spearman, Charlton and Steve paired together in that order. Steve (Group 1) had to concede 6 minutes to Charlton (Group 4) – Steve 5 mins, Charlton 11 mins – but did so successfully, fully expecting that this was enough to win outright. Not so. With the time handicap in his favour (10 mins v 6 mins) Mark scored a notable victory over Club Champion, David Spearman and remained top of the heap jointly with Steve, a point clear of the chasing pack.

Leading scores: =1 Mark Murrell, Steve Rix, 5½/7; David Spearman, Charlton Siddo, Terry Whitton, 4½. 19 entries. Full details in the tournament pages, link below.

All points scored are carried forward to the Grand Prix aggregate; four more events in the series. While playing in all events is likely to be essential to win the GP, each event is a stand-alone contest with its own prize fund, so members who did not play in HBGP1 can still enjoy the remaining events.

HBGP1 Tournament pages | Download: cross table (pdf) | More HBGP1 pictures (pdf) | HBGP rules

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