Junior Championships Play-Off and supporting acts live

Commentary and analysis in the Club Room, Tuesday 23rd May

This year it is the first of the play-offs in the Junior Championship providing the entertainment for peer review live on the Club Room smart board this Tuesday, 23rd May. Philip Staniland will be chairing the commentary in Roding with up to the minute analysis from his special guests of this and the two supporting acts, being played over the live boards.

Live: Bui v Collyer (colours to be determined), Sweeney v Harte, Marden v Bancroft

Last Tuesday Kyan Bui held his Knight and pawns ending resumption against Joe Rosenberg whilst Alex could only muster the draw against Nigel White; finishing on 4½ points each and triggering the double round play-off competition. Round 2 with colours reversed is scheduled for the 6th June.

It’s London v Essex in the 106 to 125 grading section as our respective third team captains, Kevin and Ben, battle it out in their postponed Round 9 encounter, which may well determine the destination of the two grading prizes on offer.

It should be fireworks too as two of our best tacticians, Larry Marden and Paul Bancroft, complete the last of the Round 9 top boards pairings and the evening’s live broadcast.

All games are being played to a finish using the incremental time control option.

In the absence of the Tournament Secretary (the little matter of the Division 4 London League Title taking precedence), Ian Hunnable will be deputising as Controller whilst providing the technical support during the broadcast.

The games will be accessible via this LINK

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