Nine on the Ninth

David Spearman wins Club Championship with a round to spare
Kyan Bui and Alex Collyer neck-and-neck in Junior Championship

Round 9 draw posted for 9 May with cross-table – Go there now

Congratulations to David Spearman on his third Championship in nine years (his second outright, the first of which was in 2008/2009 at his first attempt! David, having dropped just ½ a point in eight rounds, has amassed an unassailable 1½ point lead from his nearest challenger, Controller Mark Murrell (6). They meet in the final round.

Also in contention for the placement prizes are Laurie Burtt, Ian Hunnable, Andy Lu and Steven Rix ½ a point behind. Ian has played them all bar Andy and this determined the pairings for the consolation prizes. It will take a lot of results going the right way, but any of the chasing pack of seven (ranging from Kevin Sweeney [118] to second seed Paul Bancroft [175]) could still achieve a placement prize.

David and Steve are the only players who have yet to be beaten in this year’s competition.

In the Junior Championship Alex closed the gap in Round 8 setting up some interesting pairings for our junior contenders. With a head-to-head avoided (for now at least) will one of them be able to pull clear or will they face a play-off double round if they remain inseparable?

Final call for those Champagne Moments – get you entries in asap. This year Round 9 is early enough to be included so plenty of incentive for inspirational chess – or blunders!

Dispensations are discouraged in the final round unless unavoidable. All games bar four will be played on the 9 May.

It is all very tight too in each of the grading sections, where first and second place prizes are up for grabs. Each has a clear leader but only just. The front runners going into Round 9 are:

126 to 160 Mark Murrell (6) with Laurie Burtt and Andy Lu (5½); all having challenging higher-graded opponents in the final round;

106 to 125   Kevin Sweeney (5) with Ben Harte, Graham Hillman and Terry Skippen (4½). Kevin and Ben have been drawn together – will they square up for ping pong chess?

80 to 105   Mark Le Gassicke (4½) with Kyan Bui, Nic Charles, Alex Collier, John Jestico and Nigel White (4). Only Alex and Nigel go head to head;

 U80            Paul Read (3½) with Sid Burns and Sebastian Monzon (3).

Sebastian has set the target of 4 following his early encounter against Michael Fleming, securing a prize. Paul and Sid are paired together, one of whom will be disappointed.

For those interested, the current cross-table can be downloaded here: Championship cross table

Mark Murrell
Tournament Secretary


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