Wanstead 6 – 4 Woodbridge, 21 April 2004


Report by Richard Manning of Woodbridge

The climax to the 2003/4 London League season came with Wanstead needing to win to ensure promotion to Division 1 and Woodbridge needing to win to have a chance of staying in Division 2.

The pieces on boards 6 and 10 were quickly back in their boxes and board 9 was similar when Rod Johnson tried a sacrificial attack in the King’s Gambit and soon found himself two pieces down with a worse position.  Boards 1 and 4 agreed to end hostilities quite early, then Graham Smith won a fine game after giving up two rooks for a queen.  With six games finished the scores were level at 3 – 3.

Colin Ramage tried to open up the position but was repulsed and allowed his opponent’s king’s pawn too much room.  Richard Manning mislaid the exchange in the old boys’ battle on board 8, and John Davenport fell for a perpetual after declining at least two draw offers!

With the match decided, the Wanstead captain Larry Marden offered a draw in a plus position.

Congratulations to Wanstead on an exceptional season.

Board Colour Home team Grade Score Away team Grade Score
1 B Li Wu 199 ½ Neil Carr 204E ½
2 W Larry Marden 179 ½ Richard Freeman 184 ½
3 B Antony Fulton 170 0 Graham Smith 173 1
4 W Ian Hunnable 161 ½ Adrian Elwin 167 ½
5 B Steve Gilmour 156 1 Colin Ramage 159 0
6 W John Philpott 153 ½ Les Crane 158 ½
7 B Paul Barclay 151 ½ John Davenport 153 ½
8 W Terry Whitton 145 1 Richard Manning 145 0
9 B Keith Jones 139 1 Rod Johnson 129 ½
10 B John Keehner 132 ½ Tony Compton 124 ½
  TOTAL – Home 6 TOTAL – Away 4

Postscript.  The following season, Woodbridge won Division 3, and as Wanstead were relegated from Division 1 after a single season, the friendly rivalry between the clubs in Division 2 has resumed.

Click here for the 2003/4 London League page.

About johnu175
I am John Philpott, a keen chess player, belonging to Wanstead & Woodford and Insurance Chess Clubs, and a former long-standing match captain of the Essex U175/U180 team and the Wanstead National Club team. I also hold many administrative posts, including ECF Company Secretary and Financial Controller, although I am looking to wind these down following my retirement to Mersea Island.

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