Rose Forgrove 2½ – 2½ Wanstead, 29 January 2006


The National Club Major has proved to be a happy hunting ground for Wanstead in recent seasons, with four appearances in the final in the last five years.  Many of the matches along the way had been close, including three previous encounters with Rose Forgrove which had all been narrowly won, so perhaps the club was due a disappointment.

It proved to be a mistake to select myself for this match, as I was quickly despatched by opposing captain Clive Davies in one of his pet lines of the Veresov.  Defeat on board 4 need not be too much of a disaster in a 5 board match, but after Ian Hunnable had agreed a draw on board 3, the one imperative for Wanstead was not to lose board 1 or 2.  Unfortunately Larry Marden missed a tactic in his game and was forced to concede.  This decided the match, because notwithstanding the Wanstead wins in the two remaining games which levelled the score and the board count, Rose Forgrove had already done enough to secure the match on bottom board elimination.

Board Colour Home team Grade Score Away team Grade Score
1 B Richard Archer 160 0 Ian Reynolds 175 1
2 W Michael Round 157 1 Larry Marden 172 0
3 B Ed Hurwitz 150 ½ Ian Hunnable 165 ½
4 W Clive Davies 144 1 John Philpott 150 0
5 B Geoff Smith 124 0 Philip Staniland 137 1
  TOTAL – Home TOTAL – Away

Click here for the 2005/6 National Club page.

About johnu175
I am John Philpott, a keen chess player, belonging to Wanstead & Woodford and Insurance Chess Clubs, and a former long-standing match captain of the Essex U175/U180 team and the Wanstead National Club team. I also hold many administrative posts, including ECF Company Secretary and Financial Controller, although I am looking to wind these down following my retirement to Mersea Island.

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