Loughborough 1½ – 3½ Wanstead, 28 May 2005


Wanstead reached the National Club Major final for the 4th time in 5 seasons by winning at Loughborough on an enjoyable away day.

On arrival in the Midlands, Wanstead found that they had a larger than expected advantage on paper against their opponents, withe the normal Loughborough top board unavailable.

Early on the games seemed to be proceeding in an encouraging way, with the visitors’ main concern being the non-arrival of Steve Gilmour.  However, Steve eventually showed up and proceeded to establish an excellent position out of the opening.

In mid-afternoon there was a brief period of play when it looked as if the match might be slipping away.  Instead of continuing to build, Steve sacrificed a piece for two pawns, but never seemed to generate quite sufficient attacking chances to compensate.  Ian Hunnable’s game took a double-edged turn after he grabbed his opponent’s a-pawn, and the captain was pleased when Ian accepted the second draw that he was offered.

However, all was wrll in the end.  Terry Whitton won a dead drawn ending when his opponent blundered a pawn immediately after the time control, and Mark Murrell conjured up a mating attack just when his opponent seemed to be developing counter-chances.  Larry Marden then agreed a draw to ensure victory, and Steve’s game was also drawn to see Wanstead through to a final against Writtle by 3½ – 1½.

Board Colour Home team Grade Score Away team Grade Score
1 B Alan Jex 148 ½ Larry Marden 175 ½
2 W Otto Hardy 145 ½ Ian Hunnable 168 ½
3 B Robert Northage 144 ½ Steve Gilmour 162 ½
4 W Jonny Miller 142 0 Terry Whitton 148 1
5 B Ben Rowlands 135 0 Mark Murrell 143 1
  TOTAL – Home TOTAL – Away

Click here for the 2004/5 National Club page.

About johnu175
I am John Philpott, a keen chess player, belonging to Wanstead & Woodford and Insurance Chess Clubs, and a former long-standing match captain of the Essex U175/U180 team and the Wanstead National Club team. I also hold many administrative posts, including ECF Company Secretary and Financial Controller, although I am looking to wind these down following my retirement to Mersea Island.

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